CABIE (Context-Aware Broker and Inference Engine) is a software technology platform to map data from multi-modal sensors to AAL services deployed within older people’s homes.

The technology platform solves key software challenges facing the next generation of home-based AAL services, by providing an innovative, integrated solution for more scalable, dependable, trustworthy, personalised and user-friendly solutions.

Through product prototype testing and trials within the Barrack Street demonstration facility, the CASALA team bridge on-going basic and translational ICT and gerontology research in Ireland with emerging AAL market needs, benefiting partner companies by supporting innovative product commercialisation pathways.

The key solutions and features offered by CABIE are:

  • Data reduction and feature extraction from the masses of sensor data.
  • Data fusion, visualisation and pattern recognition from multi-modal sensor streams.
  • Inference and reasoning to identify and analyse contextual and emotional state.
  • Knowledge management to store, search, and direct knowledge to different services.
  • Personalised interaction to meet the context-sensitive preferences of individual users.
  • Presentation to deliver adaptive responses across the connected home infrastructure.