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CARAH was an Irish Research Council funded Living Lab project with an emphasis on collaborative multi-stakeholder engagement in the co-design of inclusive integrated digital and interpersonal solutions for the provision of CARe At Home for older people living in the community. Collaborating with Drogheda Community Services Trust (DCST), a pilot online Day Care at/from home service (DayCare@Home) was evaluated.

Inclusive and resource-efficient ways to leverage technology and service structures were identified, including how to reach more people and reduce community daycare waiting lists. Integration of the human and technology elements of service delivery was examined and the impact on in-person interactions and quality of life were examined. Remaining mindful that nobody should be left behind, as a result of online service delivery, the project included wider community engagement through the Building Digital Bridges workshop series. Building Digital Bridges aimed to leverage the experience and identify the needs of community groups, as well as public and private sector stakeholders, seeking to find digital access solutions to keep older people connected during the pandemic. The processes developed, as part of this research and the broader CARAH project, continues to inform how new approaches are embedded to improve how community organisations listen to and involve clients and volunteers in continuous reflexive service delivery.