The aim of Haivisio is to increase the innovation performance of funded projects and improve their impact through sharing, synergy building and appropriate communication.

Haivisio objectives are:

  • Identification and documentation of research and innovation project assets of a selected number of eHealth, Active Ageing and Independent Living projects, in order to create the appropriate categories of results for applying (i) a tailored strategic communication and synergy exploitation plan; and (ii) a methodology to assess the maturity and impact of these assets.
  • Tailored communication and synergies overall strategy and plans, for setting the strategy behind the project communication activities, the communication and synergy exploitation plans that will be followed.
  • Consult and train projects. HAIVISIO organises trainings aimed at giving the identified consortia the necessary know-how and tools for an effective communication of the benefits of the project results taking into consideration the different segments of the target population for external and the specific kind of message to which these are likely to respond.
  • Establish synergies between relevant projects according to their research and innovation project assets and the communication strategy already identified.
  • Support networking and awareness raising activities with stakeholders in research and innovation in eHealth, Active Ageing and Independent Living and disseminate shared knowledge, expertise, evidence and experience.
  • Recommendations and consultation at policy and project level. Recommendations both as contribution to national and EU policies and as support to relevant active projects by promoting synergies and knowledge exchange. HAIVISIO intends to support the consultation process at national level and at EU level at the new EU framework for research and innovation in Horizon 2020.