July 2013 - June 2016

Kiduku is a collaboration between NetwellCASALA, UCD, Fujitsu Ireland and Fujitsu Laboratories Japan, to explore ways to assist independent living through ICT (information and communication technology). The project is a 3-year programme.

This research explores the use of ambient, wearable and physiological sensing in the homes of older adults to monitor falls risk and mobility. A number of intelligent algorithms have been developed to determine changes in aspects of gait, activity and sleep. Interfaces have also been developed as part of a user-centred co-design process, to feed the information learned from sensing back to both clinicians and patients.

An evaluation is underway in collaboration with the HSE to use Kiduku ICT to monitor patients who move from hospital to home. The aim of the study is to explore the potential benefits of technological supports for older adults with mobility issues or with care needs, to improve their transition from hospital to home post-discharge and to get feedback from relevant stakeholders, including patients and clinicians, on the potential of such supports for enhancing patient care and for improving healthcare service delivery. Technology supports will include small sensors to monitor movement and activity, an under mattress sleep sensor, blood pressure and weight. The overall goals of our research are to determine whether enhanced monitoring can:

Provide benefits for both patients and clinicians Help manage on-going health and wellbeing within the transition hub and the community; Maximise an individual’s chances of living independently; Prevent unnecessary admission or readmission to hospital; Prevent premature admission to long-term residential care Support clinicians in enhanced service delivery. For further information, contact


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