Exploring behaviours and communications of residents with dementia using the Behavioural Staging Model, and a description of staff responses

Laura Ballantine

As a person with dementia progresses through the illness their needs become more complex and behaviours may become too difficult to manage. Despite families’ best efforts to keep the person at home, the majority of people with dementia end up in long-term care. This study explores the behaviours and communication of people with dementia living in long-term care using the Behavioural Staging Model (Jones 1985). Residents with dementia in a nursing home in Louth were video recorded in communal areas over a period of seven weeks. Videos were analysed in second by second detail, using tools developed for this study. Videos captured interactions between residents and staff. Data analysis will examine how communication, care, and the environment affected the behaviours (positive and negative) of residents with dementia.



Dr Lucia Carragher, NetwellCASALA, DkIT

Expected completion date of study

Dec 2022