An exploration of the potential contribution of mobile health apps in older outpatients’ cardiac care

Yohanca Diaz-Skeete

Heart Failure (HF) is the chief cardiovascular condition leading to hospitalization and re-hospitalization in older adults, with significant cost implications for the State and quality of life of older patients and their families. Medications used to treat cardiovascular conditions often contribute to polypharmacy. In addition, although one in three people aged over 65 years report polypharmacy, they are responsible for more than half of hospital outpatient and inpatient visits in this age group. Medication apps allow patients to track their medications and set up reminders so they do not miss a dose. Technology has potential to improve both patient experience and medication adherence as well as enabling patients to be active participants in medication reviews. However, strategies for integrating health apps and other technology into clinical practice must ensure they meet their potential in improving patient outcomes and creating value for all users.

Many patients are tracking their health data with wearables and through apps but there is limited evidence on the supporting the role that apps may play including medication management. Clinicians are calling for better understanding on how apps work before recommending them to their patients. The aim of this study is to explore the role of mHealth medication management apps in supporting the care of older outpatients with heart failure (HF) and the impact that mHealth has on staff working practices.

A three-month trial of a selected medication app will be undertaken by older patients (over 65 years of age) attending a HF clinic. Pre and post-trial, semi-structured interviews will be conducted with patients to evaluate their:

  1. General attitudes towards the intervention, including their reasons for participation, choosing an internet-delivered format and their expectations.

  2. Acceptance of the app.

  3. Adherence to the app. Semi-structured interviews will also be conducted with healthcare professionals to examine changes in working practice.



Dr Lucia Carragher, NetwellCASALA, DkIT


Dr Ann Coyle, HSE General Manager for Health and Wellbeing

Expected completion date of study

June 2022

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