Exploring older adults’ attitudes towards online psychotherapy

Siofra McCrum

Older adults often face barriers in accessing traditional, face-to-face psychotherapy, e.g., physical limitations, transport, cost, stigma, lack of knowledge of mental health services. Online psychotherapy can offer an alternative for older adults who cannot access face-to-face psychotherapy or would prefer to access psychotherapy remotely. Online psychotherapy is defined in this research as attending psychotherapy appointments over the internet via video call with a psychotherapist. A quantitative survey has been designed which will assess older adults’ (aged 60+) attitudes towards face-to-face and online psychotherapy, as well as their attitudes towards technology and the perceived barriers they face in accessing therapy generally. This research aims to measure the attitudes of older adults towards face-to-face and online psychotherapy and determine if there are differences between these attitudes. Furthermore, to examine the barriers older adults face in accessing psychotherapy, and how these barriers influence their attitudes towards both face-to-face and online psychotherapy.



Dr. Jemma McGourty, DkIT


Dr. Orla Moran, NetwellCASALA

Expected completion date of study

October 2024